Value Engineered-Alternative Dispute Resolution by Ed Martinet

Ed Martinet, president of LiMa Solutions, a construction management and real estate development consulting firm, introduces an improved management program, VE-ADR, Value Engineered-Alternative Dispute Resolution at the West Casualty Conference.

In this video Ed Martinet from LiMa Solutions offers a new paradigm in construction litigation management that ultimately reduces unnecessary time, expense and conflict. One of the challenges in ADR is a lack of management, Martinet discusses an updated program that allows centralized management and data download in real time, allowing mediators to actively manage and maintain the planning process.

The renewed program removes unproductive time, decreases costs while resolving a complex construction claim.

It helps the mediator to stick to the timetable and to keep every party informed. Furthermore with established technology being used the system is fully automated and will send reminders periodically before each task.

The LiMa Solutions team are Neutral Experts who specialize in the swift resolution of complex construction related claims and cases. With their new process the stakeholder is in complete control and can customize the Program as he wishes.