Conversation with Matthew Argue at WCC’s Construction Defect Seminar

In this video Matthew Argue an attorney practicing in San Diego for 13 years, head of construction department at his law firm, who became a full time mediator in 2004 is interviewed at the West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar. Matt comments on West coast Casualty’s uniqueness, the relationships that are formed within the community and his learning experiences at the conferences.

From Matt….

“You will find the full picture of all the players that are involved in the resolution of construction defect cases at West Coast Casualty. ”

  • Plaintiff Attorneys
  • Subcontractor Attorneys
  • Developer Attorneys
  • Claims Representatives
  • Judges
  •  Mediators

Matthew Argue gives insight to how the Seminar  influences his work and explains how the industry is changing and evolving. The conference brings out new ideas, solutions, and best practices on how to manage and resolve cases.