Press Release – April 25
LiMa Solutions℠ Launches Unique Business Model Resulting in Cost Effective Construction Conflict Resolution

The litigation management firm introduces a “value-engineered” approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution. California and Florida, April 25, 2011

Proven construction industry leaders have united to form LiMa Solutions℠, a consulting firm offering The Neutral Expert Advantage℠ in alternative dispute resolution for construction related litigation and claims. Utilizing decades of experience, the principals behind LiMa Solutions have developed an accelerated, cost effective and fair method to investigate and resolve claims. LiMa Solutions now offers this new paradigm in construction litigation management – what it calls “Value Engineered-Alternative Dispute Resolution℠.”

LiMa Solutions is comprised of neutral expert consultants who work with owners, builders, mediators, attorneys and insurance carriers to provide customized solutions to help manage litigation risk and promote early resolution. Comparable to how “value engineering” has impacted the construction industry, this highly effective project management system removes unnecessary time, reduces costs and conflict while swiftly resolving complex construction claims.

“Our neutral claims management approach is fair and fast,” shares LiMa Solutions President Edward Martinet. “Whereas, in typical litigation the duplication of efforts can delay the process and increase costs, the LiMa process streamlines and centralizes the analysis of a claim.”

LiMa Solutions was founded on the simple concept that complex construction claims can be resolved most effectively once the core facts of the case are accessible to all parties. While unconventional, this open approach saves all parties time and money by closing cases quicker.

“Our approach focuses on LiMa’s core strengths: expertise, efficiency and effectiveness,” says Paul Viau, vice president. “Our team is exceptional at developing new strategies to manage any type of construction claim, ultimately removing duplicative analysis and reducing the associated costs.”

Also launching this week is, featuring relevant industry resources and insights posted in the site’s Knowledge Center. The site offers direct access to industry trends and LiMa’s consultants through a frequently updated business blog. Follow the conversation at

About LiMa Solutions

Short for “litigation management” LiMa Solutions specializes in alternative dispute resolution and claims management for the construction industry. LiMa Solutions brings together more than 80 years of construction management, forensic investigation and conflict resolution experience. With team members strategically located on both the east and west coasts, LiMa Solutions is uniquely positioned to serve clients across the country.

The firm’s principals Edward Martinet and Paul Viau are neutral experts who specialize in the swift resolution of complex construction related claims and cases. Mr. Martinet, a well respected and award winning leader in construction forensics, founded MC Consultants more than 20 years ago and guided the firm to its current nationwide position. This unique experience strategically positioned him to develop Value Engineered-Alternative Dispute Resolution. Mr. Viau’s background in construction, construction forensics and experience in construction alternative dispute resolution created a desire to provide a more effective ADR process. Mr. Martinet and Mr. Viau united to launch LiMa Solutions in 2010.