Bryan Hill, interviews LiMa Solutions Part 4

Added Value Through Value Engineering In this, the fourth and final installment of Bryan Hill’s interview with LiMa Solutions, Inc.,  he focuses on the role that value engineering plays in managing construction defect claims. From the article: Managing the Costs of Litigation Through Time Management As LiMa Solutions deconstructed the construction defect litigation process, Martinet and co-founder, Paul Viau, identified four areas that must... Read More

Bryan Hill, interviews LiMa Solutions Part 3

Changing Roles, Changing the Paradigm In the third part of Bryan Hill’s Interview with Ed Martinet and Paul Viau of LiMa Solutions, Inc.,the value-Engineered Alternative Dispute Resolution process was examined. The main focus of this part of the interview is the way the process shifts certain roles, and represents changes to distinct concepts, or paradigms, within the construction dispute resolution process. From the article: ‘Changing... Read More

Times are Changing | Road to Resolution for Self-Insured Contractors by Ed Martinet

“The times they are a changing,” has been rattling around in my head recently. The times surely are, or should I say that they have been changing, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Given the current housing construction situation, general contractors, developers, subcontractors, suppliers and related companies will only survive to see another day by continuing to find ways to successfully cut expenses without detriment... Read More

Bryan Hill, interviews LiMa Solutions

    Brian L. Hill editor and publisher of recently interviewed the founders of LIMA Solutions, INC Ed Martinet and Paul Viau about the our company goals, the key assets we are employing, and the support our team has garnered. Due to the length of the interview and volume of material covered, the interview is broken up into four parts.   The first Part of the interview with LiMa Solutions, Inc., focuses on the background... Read More