Gary Baumann Explains New Trends for Construction Defect Litigation

  Gary Baumann, shareholder in a Florida insurance defense law firm, discusses the changing and evolving industry of construction defect litigation at the West Coast Casualty Conference. Baumann explains the trend of efficient productivity. Being more productive gives you more “bang for your buck from your client’s perspective,” Baumann said. Baumann illustrates how the proper use of technology such as webinars can cut costs and the number... Read More

Rick Righi on West Coast Construction Defect Seminar’s Purpose

Rick Righi on The WCC’s Defect Seminar     The West Coast Construction Defect Seminar is a west coast conference that companies attend every year to see the latest trends in the construction industry. Numerous case laws and policies are discussed and implemented at this function. Rick Righi, an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona comes to the west coast seminar every year to see the progress in the construction industry. He loves to pick... Read More

Value Engineered-Alternative Dispute Resolution by Ed Martinet

Ed Martinet, president of LiMa Solutions, a construction management and real estate development consulting firm, introduces an improved management program, VE-ADR, Value Engineered-Alternative Dispute Resolution at the West Casualty Conference. In this video Ed Martinet from LiMa Solutions offers a new paradigm in construction litigation management that ultimately reduces unnecessary time, expense and conflict. One of the challenges in ADR is a lack... Read More