Rick Righi on West Coast Construction Defect Seminar’s Purpose

Rick Righi on The WCC’s Defect Seminar     The West Coast Construction Defect Seminar is a west coast conference that companies attend every year to see the latest trends in the construction industry. Numerous case laws and policies are discussed and implemented at this function. Rick Righi, an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona comes to the west coast seminar every year to see the progress in the construction industry. He loves to pick... Read More

May 12 & 13, 2011: Anaheim

The West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Conference Just around the corner and is our top pick for the west. While it may not get as much publicity as larger conferences, West Coast Casualty is the largest seminar of its kind focusing on all of the elements of the prosecution, defense, coverage and technologies of construction defect claims and litigation. This is the place to meet the players in construction defect management. Anaheim, May... Read More