The LiMa Solutions team offers a transformative, new paradigm in conflict resolution. Comparable to how “value engineering” has impacted the construction industry, this highly effective approach removes unproductive time, reduces costs and conflict while swiftly resolving your complex construction claim or lawsuit. Our approach focuses on LiMa Solution’s three core strengths:

Expertise – guidance from proven industry leaders

LiMa Solutions experienced consultants bring together more than 80 years of construction, construction management, forensic investigation and conflict resolution experience. Our experts are exceptional at developing new strategies to manage any type of construction claim or lawsuit, no matter how complex. Our neutral claims management approach is fair and fast. We apply the latest proven networking and “cloud” technologies to ensure swift and cost-effective communications with clients and stakeholders throughout the process.

Efficiency – centralized case management

LiMa Solutions offers a unique approach to conflict resolution for complex construction claims. Our neutral claims management process results in swift, fair and cost effective resolutions. Whereas, in typical litigation the duplication of efforts can delay the process and increase costs, the LiMa process streamlines and centralizes the analysis of a claim. LiMa doesn’t favor individual parties, thus minimizing the traditional inefficiencies of multi-party construction litigation. While unconventional, this open approach saves all parties time and money by closing cases quicker.

Effectiveness – a better path to resolution

LiMa Solutions was founded on the simple concept that complex construction claims can be resolved most effectively once the core facts of the case are made readily accessible to all parties. This transformative approach presents and analyzes the key elements at the front end, rather than at the end of a case. Our proprietary case management process manages your risk more effectively, ultimately resulting in quick resolution. We have a proven track record of successful claim resolution…let us add you to our growing client list.