Our Process looks at the parties as Stakeholders working towards resolution. LiMa works with the Stakeholders to align their perceptions with the reality of the case’s technical aspects. Using a project management based approach, direct access to data by all parties is maintained and communication channels are kept open. As a result of LiMa’s VE-ADR process, the time to reach resolution is dramatically reduced. In addition to the time savings, the overall cost is reduced as well. Contact LiMa Solutions for more information.

VE-ADR Slide text:

  • Slide 1: Current model for Resolution: Inefficient, drawn-out and expensive
  • Slide 2: Our process looks at the parties as Stakeholders working toward Resolution. All parties receive “real time” update on the progress of the case.
  • Slide 3: Utilizing the VE-ADR process, the different steps of the case run concurrently drastically reducing time and expense.
  • Slide 4: Cases are customizable, managed with real timetables, information always accessible to everyone, Stakeholders always informed of progress being made. Neutral Expert Team involved in all steps of the process.
  • Slide 5: Current Case Model vs.VE-ADR model.  Time is Money.


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