Bruce Wick: Challenges facing the Construction Industry

Bruce Wick is the Director of Risk Management for the California Professional Association for Special Contrators(CALPAS). He represents his member’s position on statue laws and all sorts of litigation and arbitration proceedings. He stresses that new insurance laws will start to have an impact on the construction industry very soon. Contractors and sub contractor cases that are in litigation due to a defect and lack of insurance by one party... Read More

The Zweig Marketing Letter ROAD TO RESOLuTION Interview

“This article first appeared in The Zweig Marketing Letter (or The Zweig Letter) on June 6, 2011.” LiMa Solutions (short for “litigation management”) specializes in alternative dispute resolution and neutral claim management for the A/E/P and environmental industry. The new company started with blank slate marketing-wise, but developed and designed the logo, tag line, and web site, with the web site intended to be “a... Read More

Rick Righi on West Coast Construction Defect Seminar’s Purpose

Rick Righi on The WCC’s Defect Seminar     The West Coast Construction Defect Seminar is a west coast conference that companies attend every year to see the latest trends in the construction industry. Numerous case laws and policies are discussed and implemented at this function. Rick Righi, an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona comes to the west coast seminar every year to see the progress in the construction industry. He loves to pick... Read More

Conversation with Matthew Argue at WCC’s Construction Defect Seminar

In this video Matthew Argue an attorney practicing in San Diego for 13 years, head of construction department at his law firm, who became a full time mediator in 2004 is interviewed at the West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar. Matt comments on West coast Casualty’s uniqueness, the relationships that are formed within the community and his learning experiences at the conferences. From Matt…. “You will find the full... Read More

Show Me the Money | Value Engineered Alternative Dispute Resolution

Those of us in the construction claims and construction defect world that have run businesses and constructed projects have always kept one objective top of mind: to turn a profit each month, quarter and year. Sounds simple, and in fact, the concept is quite simple. But in practice it can be difficult. And when we are in tough economic times, such as now, we need to be more creative in meeting this goal. As I have told my children time again, we need... Read More